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5G Signal Boosters

5G Signal Boosters

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5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology that is around 50 times faster than the 4G LTE. It is a revolutionary change that the world is going to experience in the next few years. But, it doesn’t mean that having 5G connection guarantees you stable and strong signals. You will still need to buy 5G Signal Boosters.

5G technology works on short-wavelength frequency also known as millimeter technology. This radio frequency travels for very short distance compared to the technology used in the 3G and 4G. The good part is that in the 5G technology the towers can handle even more mobile connections simultaneously than the 4G signal towers.

The only change 5G is going bring is the faster data download and upload speed on your mobile phone.

How Does Millimeter Wave 5G Work?

Millimeter waves cover the 28, 37 & 39 GHz frequency bands that will be used for 5G in urban and suburban areas. Millimeter waves travel much shorter distances than the sub-6 GHz frequencies currently used for cell phones.

So while a traditional cell tower can cover 10 miles or further, 5G millimeter wave small cell towers will only be able to cover about 2,000 ft (0.38 miles).

Additionally, millimeter waves are very susceptible to being blocked by buildings, trees, people, and rain, and just about anything else.

In order to provide coverage using these frequencies, the small cell towers will use new technologies, including beamforming and beam tracking, which are ways of focusing an RF (Radio Frequency) beam so it can take the optimal path to the end-user.

But you are going to need 5G signal boosters to enjoy such amazingly faster data speeds. You can buy your 5G signal boosters from our website.

We are going to bring 5G signal boosters on our website very soon. Stay tuned!


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